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by Maria Valtorta

Excerpts from Volume 5

1990 Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl
Isola del Liri (Fr) Italy

The Resurrection
(a partial excerpt)

In the clear sky, where to the east there is now a completely rosy zone, which is spreading out more and more widely, but where, however, there are no sunbeams as yet, a very bright meteor appears, coming from unknown depths, and it descends like a sphere of fire of unsustainable splendour, followed by a glowing trail, which perhaps is nothing but the persistence of its brightness in our retinae. It descends at a very high speed towards the Earth, shedding such an intense phantasmagoric light, frightful in its beauty, that the rosy light of dawn vanishes, outshone by such white incandescence.

The guards, astonished, raise their heads, also because with the light there comes a mighty, harmonious, solemn rumble that fills the whole of Creation with its roar. It comes from heavenly depths. It is the alleluja, the angelical-glory, that follows the Spirit of the Christ, which is returning to His glorious Flesh.

The meteor clashes on the useless closure of the Sepulchre, tears it off, throws it on the ground, and it strikes with terror and noise the guards placed as jailors of the Master of the Universe, producing with its return to the Earth a new earthquake, as it had caused one when this Spirit of the Lord fled from the Earth.

It enters the dark Sepulchre that becomes all bright with its indescribable light and while it remains suspended in the still air, the Spirit is infused again into the Body motionless under the funereal bandages....

Parable of the Torn Cloth
(a partial excerpt)

"Yes. I compare the soul to a cloth. When it is infused, it is new without tears. It has only the original stain, but it has no injury in its structure, or stains or waste. Then with time and the acquisition of vices, it wears out at times to the extent of tearing, it be comes stained through imprudence, it breaks through disorder.

Now, when it is torn one must not mend it clumsily, which would be the cause of many more tears, but it is necessary to mend it patiently and perfectly and for a long time to remove the damage already caused as much as possible. And if the cloth is too badly torn, nay if it has been so rent as to be deprived of a bit of it, one must not be so proud as to pretend to repair the damage by oneself, but one must go to Him, Who is known to be able to make the soul strictly honest once again, as He is allowed to do everything and He can do everything. I am referring to God, My Father, and to the Saviour Who I am.

But the pride of man is such that the greater is the ruin of his soul, the more he tries to patch it up with unsuitable means that make the damage more and more serious.

You may object that a tear can always be seen. Salome also said so. Yes, one will always see the damage a soul has suffered. But a soul fights its battle, it is therefore obvious that it may be struck. There are so many enemies around it. But no one, seeing a man covered with scars, the signs of as many wounds received in battle to gain victory, can say "This man is unclean". On the contrary one will say: "This man is a hero. There are the purple marks of his worth".

Neither will anyone ever see a soldier avoid being cured, because he is ashamed of a glorious wound. On the contrary he will go to the doctor and say to him with holy pride; "Here I am, I fought and I won. I did not spare myself, as you can see. Now heal my Wounds that I may be ready for more battles and victories".

He instead who is suffering from foul diseases, brought about by shameful vices, is ashamed of his sores before relatives and friends, and also before doctors, and at times he is so silly that he conceals them until their stench reveals them. Then it is too late ...



Excerpt from THE END TIMES, by Maria Valtorta

           Jesus says:  "The first time My Father, to purify the earth, sent a cleansing by water; the second time He sent a cleansing by blood, and by what Blood!  Neither the first cleansing nor the second has availed to turn human beings into children of God. Now the Father is weary, and to make the human race perish He lets the chastisements of hell go wild, because human beings have preferred hell to Heaven, and their ruler, Lucifer, torments them to make them blaspheme Us so as to make them completely his children.  I would come a second time to die, to save them from an even more atrocious death.  But My Father will not allow it. My Love would allow it, but My Justice would not.  He knows it would be useless. Therefor, I will come only at the last hour. But woe unto those who in that hour will see Me after choosing Lucifer at their Lord!  There will be no need of weapons in My angel's hands to win the battle against the antichrists. My glance will be enough. 

         Oh! If people could still turn to Me who am salvation!  I desire only that and I weep becasue I see that nothing can make them raise their heads towards Heaven from where I stretch My arms towards them.  Suffer, Maria, and tell the good to suffer to make up for the second martyrdom which the Father does not want Me to undergo.  Everyone of those who immolate themselves is granted to save a few souls. Only a few. It should come as no surprise that only a few souls be granted to every little redeemer if one thinks that I, the Divine Redeemer, on Calvary, at the hour of My immolation, of all the thousands of persons present at My death, I managed to save the thief, and Longinus, and very few others.      Dictation of April 23, 1943 (Good Friday)





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