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by Maria Valtorta

Excerpts from Volume 4

1989 Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl
Isola del Liri (Fr) Italy

Cure of the Little Blind Children
(a partial excerpt)

"[...] Tamar, be good and let Me remove your bandages."

The girl, who is now convinced, agrees. What a sight when the last linen bandage is removed! Two red, scabby, swollen sores are in the place of her eyes, and tears and pus run down from them The crowds yell with terror and pity while the little girl takes her hands to her face to protect herself from the light which must make her suffer terribly; two red recent burns appear on he temples.

Jesus removes her little hands and with a light touch He lays His hand on such ruin saying: "Father, who created light for the joy of the living, and gave eyes even to midges, grant light to this creature of Yours that she may see You and believe in You and from the light of the Earth, she may enter, through Faith, the light of Your Kingdom." He removes His hand...

"Oh!" they, all shout.

There are no more sores. But the girl still keeps her eyes closed "Open them, Tamar. Be not afraid. The light will not hurt you." The girl obeys rather timorously and opens her eyelids showing two lively dark eyes.

"Father! I can see you!" and she also relaxes on Jesus' shoulder to become slowly accustomed to the light.

The crowds are rejoicing while the man from Petra throw himself at Jesus' feet weeping for joy.

"Your faith has received its reward. From now on may you gratitude lead your faith in the Man to the highest sphere: to the faith in the true God. Stand up and let us go."

And Jesus puts down the girl who smiles happily ...


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