Trial of Jesus before Caiaphas                                                                  Giotto


A Puzzle of the Synoptic Gospels solved.


     Scholars who like to compare the four Canonical Gospels (Mt, Mk, Lk, Jn) often come to quite erroneous conclusions when faced with discrepancies that they can't understand or explain.  Fascinated with their own delusions, they simply say the difficulty is insurmountable and they attack the historicity of the Gospel, trying to cherry pick texts from the four Gospels to prove their delusion. 

     Here is how Maria Valtorta solves such a puzzle.  Matthew 26 & Mark 14 show a trial of Jesus before Caiaphas at night.  Mark 15:1 mentions a meeting in the morning with the high priests and elders, but no trial is mentioned.  Luke is silent about the night trial and shows the morning trial before the Sanhedrin (Luke 22:66-71).

     In Volume #10, Chapter 604, page 52, of Maria Valtorta's THE GOSPEL AS REVEALED TO ME, Gamaliel complains that the time (night) and place (the high priest's home--Luke 22:54) are both illicit, and so another trial is held in the morning, thus explaining the legal need for Luke's trial in the MORNING.  So there you have it---BOTH TRIALS TOOK PLACE---the illegal one at night, and the formal one in the morning.  Jesus promised Maria that honest scholars would find her work to be a light.


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